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Founded in 1990 Snapedge Canada became the first company to provide a TOTAL SOLUTION to an age old problem in Canada, “how do we properly prevent the migration of unit pavers and maintain the integrity of a segmental paver installation as the day it was installed.”  Paver producers, Landscapers, Architects and Homeowners all needed paver restraints to properly complete a segmental paving stone project.  Materials available at the time had obvious challenges: timbers would rot, cement curbs were heavy and difficult to transport and cement mix was messy, not to mention inadequate.  Snap Edge® answered the call and filled a need.
In 1990 Snap Edge® set a precedent in the industry that still, to this day, goes unmatched for application engineering, ease of use, cost savings and brand loyalty.  Professionals can feel confident when working with paver restraints supplied by Snapedge Canada Ltd.

Independent testing has proven that when installed in commercial, industrial and residential applications our patented design will stand the test of time for decades to come better than anyone else.  Real life testing has proven that we are preferred.

Today, we are not the only choice you have in edge restraints but we are TRULY the most preferred and most effective one-piece field-modified edge restraint available.  Chosen by professionals 9:1 over lower priced alternatives Snap Edge users pay a little more to get a lot more. 

Easy to use: One piece can be rigid and flexible with dead straights and flowing curves,  tight radius and secure connections

Easy to buy: Available in over 4000 retail locations across North America

Easy to say: Snap Edge® ….Trusted since 1990

Since we only stock and offer the essential HARDSCAPE ACCESSORIES you use everyday we can offer you the best price and quality on the products tailored to your needs.  Our investments are in bringing you the products you need when you need them.   

One Edge

One Source

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