Silca Grate Decking System
Silca Installation 1
Silca Installation 3
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Now you can have the timeless elegance of natural stone, brick, tile, pavers, and slate on your deck or any elevated surface.
For New Construction and Remodels
Elevated and Ground-Level Applications
Eco-Friendly and Virtually Maintenance Free
North American Made
Quick & Easy Installation
Exceeds Residential and Commercial Codes
Silca Installation 2
Finished Jobs
SilcaGrate’ssecret is the hexagon
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SilcaGrate™ is so strong, it meets or exceeds both residential and commercial building codes.
SilcaGrate™ is a 16” x 18” honeycombed tray made of durable 1 1/2” thick engineered polymer which is screwed directly to the top of the floor joists.
Each SilcaGrate™ grid covers two square feet. It is UV stable and easily cut to form. Its installation is as easy as putting six screws into floor joists spaced 16” on center. Its strong hexagonal cells provide a supportive sub-structure for elevated areas as well as ground applications.
The unprecedented strength results from the design of the 2” diameter honeycombs which offer 360 degrees of solid support, giving you considerably more muscle underneath your surface materials. These hexagonal cells provide support every two inches in all directions. Compare that to lumber pieces in traditional applications which typically span 16” to 24” between joists and only offer bi-lateral support.
It’s easy to see how SilcaGrate™ Grate can provide a superior level of
strength, giving you surface options you never thought possible.